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  • Writer's pictureJoanna Beth Seere, Spiritual Healing

Into The Subtle

As human beings, we depend on our senses to receive information about ourselves, our world, and others, human and animal.

As a sight based species, we humans (most of us) take what our eyes perceive first and make our initial determination based on that. Then, depending on how we each are configured energetically, we access additional information through our other senses: touch, hearing, smell, taste.

All living beings, not only human beings, are imbued with deeper senses- "non-ordinary" or "extra-ordinary" senses. Senses that that reveal the subtle information that is within and beneath the surface of life. Although each human being has these capacities- available to some easily; for others, discovery is involved. For animals, subtle senses and sensing are seamlessly integrated in their experience of who they are and how they experience life.

Deeper sensing: "non-ordinary" or "extra-ordinary" sensing includes intuition- a feeling of sensing/knowing. Clairvoyance (deeper seeing), clairaudience (deeper hearing), clairsentience (deeper feeling). It includes deeper smell, taste, touch, knowing, empathy. Deeper sensing becomes more available to us- humans -in a relaxed state, a meditative state, through which we are energetically open to the subtle.

If we were to sense through our ordinary and deeper capacities would we receive/perceive our animal family members? How would they appear to us in their exquisite subtlety? What could we potentially learn about them, about life, as we sense the deeper pulse of each being, the subtle pulse of life.

Our experience of our animals, of ourselves, of all living beings and earth, of life itself -may radically shift in perceiving through the subtle senses of our deeper nature. Our entire way of being may shift.

Our animals, all animals, are waiting for us to meet them in this land of deeper sensing. Waiting for us to walk into the subtle realm with them and open to the surprising world of what lies in and beneath all life.

Just look into your animal beloved's eyes- and you'll feel it. Ask your beloved to guide you into the realm of subtle perception and connection. After all, it is who we are together.... always.


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