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Interspecies Soulmates

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

I stumbled upon this very sweet story while browsing one day. It certainly shows us that there is deeper connection among all living beings that goes beyond whatever the form we've taken here. And that soulmates find each other no matter what species they are or where they happen to be in the world.

Enjoy this heart-warming story.

Licensed wildlife rehabilitator Carrie Long received a call about a baby raccoon in distress. At just 3 weeks old, he’d been abandoned by his mother and was found clinging to life during a rainstorm. Long, who specializes in rescuing orphaned deer as part her nonprofit, Texas Fawn and Friends, decided to take the raccoon in. She named him Jasper.

“We weren’t sure he was was going to make it,” Long said. Thanks to Long’s kindness and care, Jasper survived, and now he’s paying it forward.

Despite reaching adulthood and being free to strike out on his own, Jasper has decided to continue calling Long’s deer haven his home. These days, he happily shares the sprawling space with some 75 orphaned deer currently under Texas Fawn and Friends' care.

And there’s one in particular who has clearly won Jasper’s heart (AND is his soulmate!!!). Her name is Hope. She, too, lost her mother as a youngster. But Jasper makes sure she never feels alone.

“Jasper just loves her,” Long said. “When he sees her, he runs to lick and love on her. It’s just the cutest thing." Long continued. "He sees her every day. In the evening, she comes and lays next to him. They’ve got a cool relationship going on."

This year, Long is expecting to have over 100 orphaned fawns under her care, all of whom would likely not survive if not for the dedication and work of Texas Fawn and Friends. But there, their lives aren't merely saved — they're given a chance to thrive.

And, as we can see, some find their beloveds, their soulmates!

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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