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  • Writer's pictureJoanna Beth Seere, Spiritual Healing

Inner Peace

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

Have you ever had a really hectic or stressful day, a day filled with too much thinking or doing, and then come home to your animal family member and find that deep peace was awaiting you there?

That once you sit down and your beloved sits nearby, at your feet, beside you, or on top of you, something begins to change inside you. The racing mind and body begin to slow down and relax. You can breathe again.

Doesn't it seem that when our animal family members sense unsettledness in us, they consciously access a more deeply relaxed state as if inviting us to do the same. They seem to transmit from their own deep inner calm more strongly and more directly to us, allowing us to remember what is always there....stillness, peace.

As we feel that invitation from them, something in us does remembers that this is who we are and who they are- and then, perhaps, we can feel our own natural peaceful state.

In simply being who they are, animals are wonderful reminders of the Greater Stillness that is inside us all, that we all are.

And, for those animals whose life conditions have caused them to forget their natural state for a while, we can offer the same to them. As we remember- in presence- the Stillness that is who and what they are, they too will be able to rediscover and access the truth about themselves and become....peace.

Our lives together, animals and humans, in profound relationship, in service to each other:

We can remind each other of the Greater Peace that we all are, the Greater Love that we all are, and how to live in and as love and peace in our shared lives and our shared world.

May we all remember together.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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