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Infinite Possibility

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

I am writing this piece before our major election here in the United States.

The tension right now in the US is astronomical. From the enormity of the pandemic to the many serious issues we are facing in our country to this highly charged election, most Americans are feeling stretched beyond their capacity to sustain equilibrium.

In the midst of the uncertainty, chaos, and confusion, we can easily forget the unique capacity that is at the core of human nature and at the core of all life: the capacity for possibility. Infinite possibility. It is inherent in our Essential Nature. It is inherent in the Essential Nature of life and of the Universe.

It is easy for us human beings to feel locked in a paradigm of limitation in how we think about ourselves and life. Our minds can quickly wraps themselves around the limited, around the negative, the worst case scenario, and believe in its power. We can get caught in

a loop of small thinking/believing and we cannot imagine that there could even be another possibility.

We seem to forget that everything- from atoms to cells to complex beings to the universe itself- exists because of the creative potential- infinite potential- that is at the heart of everything. The creative potential that bursts forth from That Which is Greater and becomes...the manifest...the everything.

Within that creative potential is held all possibility. That which we may be able to imagine... and that which we will never be able to conceive of.

When overwhelming feelings of stress, tension, and contraction into negative thinking/believing arise within us, perhaps we can take a breath and remember. Remember that there is something bigger, Something Greater, always at work here. Something on a scale far beyond our comprehension and that in Its very nature is infinite possibility. And it lives within us as well, waiting to be accessed and expressed... as we open to it.

Then we will become available to allow more possibility to arise from our deeper creative potential and move through us as an expression of the Greater Potential, Greater Possibility. New Light will shine and something that we could never have imagined will take us- and life- in a new and beautiful direction.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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