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In This Together

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

I was pulling into my driveway the other day. I noticed across the lawn at the edge of the woods the black and white feral cat who frequents the neighborhood. Highly alert, staring in my direction.

My kids, Jaya and Taj, had a "meet and greet" with this kitty last year at the patio screen door. And, they did not have anything nice to say about that. Ms. Kitty and I came to an agreement about territory- basically, that we get our home and patio and she gets everything else. Fair, yes? And, since that time, she has respectfully stayed in her territory. In fact, I have not seen her recently. Until this day.

I greeted her silently at first. Then, out loud. I found it curious that she did not move. Absolutely still she sat, staring. I found my gaze moving to the expanse of lawn between us. About half way between, I noticed a speck of brown in the grass and two teeny tiny tips of ears poking up. A very baby bunny. Quickly I understood. Ms. Kitty was eyeing this bunny as her dinner.

A roaring feeling arose in me and I heard myself saying that I cannot and will not

let this happen.

Some people might say: "This is nature, this cat needs to eat and there are too many bunnies anyway. It's not your place to intervene." From a certain point of view, that is understandable. Nature does find her right balance in her own way and that does mean that some will thrive and others will not.

So, what happens when there is another being present? When there is another energy in the equation? That changes everything. It is no longer about cat and bunny. It is about cat and bunny and the human who is witnessing and is now part of the energy of the situation and the outcome.

When we human beings are witness to an event, we become an integral part of the event. We become an equal participant because our energy is now part of the unfolding of the experience. There is no such thing as a bystander. Once our attention/energy has become engaged, we are fully "in" and our choices are now inextricably woven into the fabric of the event and its outcome.

It was imminently clear to me that- cat/bunny/human- we were all now equally part of this unfolding scene. And, as human, I could make a choice. To intervene... or walk away and let whatever happens...happen. For me, it was a choice-less choice.

So, I got a small spade and walked toward the bunny (I did not want to get my scent on the bunny). S/he sat absolutely still. As I gently separated the grasses around him/her, speaking reassuring the entire time, I became aware that the bunny was stuck. S/he was so tiny and the grasses were very thick and tall. I loosened the grasses and, when they had released enough, baby bunny quickly hopped off into the opposite side of the woods.

As I sighed in relief, I looked to Ms Kitty. She was sitting there, absolutely still. I bowed to her. I communicated that I was aware that my intervention prevented her from taking this bunny as her meal. And, I shared my perspective as human being who will, whenever possible, step in on behalf of the vulnerable. That there is something in humans beings- compassion, care for others- that pushes us to intervene when we see another who is vulnerable or in need. And, if she were in need, I would do the same for her. I bowed to the abundance of nature and animals in my area knowing that Ms. Kitty would soon find her meal.

I think about Ms. Kitty and baby bunny. In those few moments in our lives, we were "in this together". Sharing in an experience that impacted all of our lives.

Wishing bunny a long and gentle life on this land...and Ms. Kitty having what she needs in hers.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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