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"I'm Okay!"

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

Last July, I had written about a very special relationship I was privileged to have with a chipmunk I fondly named Chippie- well actually Baby Chippie

since he was the smallest of all who visited. Baby Chippie visited every

single day, multiple times a day.

Baby Chippie made his presence known and his preferences quite clear. Organic raw pumpkin seeds, please, and fresh red grapes in season only, thank you. I was thrilled each time he called me (literally or energetically) to my patio slider, often stretching up and putting paws on the slider door or screen. When I opened the slider, he would only move

a short distance away as I placed seeds down. He would look at me and listen as he packed those seeds into his adorable cheeks. Our communication and connection was very sweet.

When summer was coming to an end, I made sure to give him as many seeds as he wished, feeling good knowing I was helping him build his food supply for the winter. Chipmunks,

as I came to learn, go into individual burrows and have a lighter hibernation. They wake

up once during the winter to eliminate and eat. Then they sleep through until spring.

As May arrived this year, neighbors told me that they were seeing chipmunks. I found

myself watching and waiting for Baby Chippie. As May rolled on, I felt concerned about

him- and began to consider the possibility that Baby Chippie may have been taken at the

end of last summer. I missed my little visitor.

And then. The last week of May. I felt myself called from my office to my patio slider.

And there, little arms stretched out on the slider glass, was Baby Chippie! He was eager

for me to open the door and say hello and was hugely excited when I told him I was getting pumpkin seeds. He ate the entire (big) pile, looking at me the whole time as he stuffed his little cheeks.

I was thrilled to see that my friend was back. But, he didn't show up the next day. Or the day after that. And, as of the date of this newsletter, he has only come by once- racing to the patio door to greet me but not wanting seeds.

I began to understand. Baby Chippie had heard me when I was thinking about him and responded. He had come to my patio to let me know that he was okay. Being a bigger Chippie now, it seems that he is moving into a new phase in his life and may no longer need this connection or food source in the same way. I will always keep an eye out for him, of course, and follow his lead. I'll have a big stash of pumpkin seeds ready at all times and will treasure any "hello" that comes along.

It was an immense kindness on Baby Chippie's part- and demonstrated a great depth of awareness- that he chose to come and show me that he was okay. And it is a testament

to the connection that we both feel, this human and this chipmunk. Baby Chippie proves

that animals of many species are open- in different ways- to communication and deeper connection with us.

Isn't that the best news ever?!!!

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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