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  • Writer's pictureJoanna Beth Seere, Spiritual Healing

At This Unusual Time

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

This is a most unusual time for us as a human species, facing into this pandemic crisis. Recognizing that with all the information that is available to us, we are in an unknown.

And with that, fear, panic, anxiety, stress seem to be racing through us and through our communities. What to do, what not to do. How to be safe and well, for ourselves and for everyone.

On the practical level of life, we are learning, day by day, how to navigate this new territory. With physical distancing, shelter in place, hand washing and more.

On the deeper level, how is it that we need to be? Where can we find our ground and inner balance...not only for ourselves, but for our family, human and animal, for our communities, for our world. What can we trust in during these seemingly untrustworthy times?

Knowing that all of your family members, human and animal, all those you are in contact with, will take cues from you- from how you are- how can you be a grounded anchor and healing presence for yourself and for everyone in your sphere.

These times call upon us to embrace spiritual life practices even more directly. Here are some supports to help guide you.

Ground your energy through deeper breathing, feeling your feet on the ground

In stillness practice- meditation/relaxation- open to what is deeper, what is Greater, that which is the calm center

Be conscious, alert, and awake to everything in your experience, in the world

Be present to all that is, as it is

Be allowing of what is, without attachment or resistance

Avoid engaging with the mind that wants to circle in fear

Allow thoughts and emotions to move through you, as the energy they are, without attaching to them or resisting them

Take responsibility for your thoughts/feelings- with yourself, with others, and especially with your animal family members

As you know, how you are is how your animal family member will be. If you remain centered, open, allowing energy to move through you and taking responsibility for it, the energy in you and in your home environment will remain clear, open and balanced.

If you find yourself overwhelmed by stress, anxiety, fear, or negative thinking, say out loud to your animal: "these are my thoughts, my feelings. They are not yours. I take responsibility for them and I will let them go." Your animal family member will not have to take them in, hold them for you, and will be able to remain energetically clear.

Crises like this invite us to inhabit a different relationship to ourselves, each other, and with life. You may be noticing already that in the midst of this crisis, there is a greater understanding and appreciation of how we are a global community. One humanity, all on this planet, in a shared experience. As we- each- thoughtfully keeps ourselves safe and cared for, everyone is safe and cared for.

This unusual and unsettling time is a great opportunity for us not only to feel the Oneness that we truly are, at the deepest level of our being, but to act from it. To act for it. To act on behalf of the One Life that we all have, for the One Life that we all are- human, animal and planet. It is a call to access the Greatest Aspects of who we are, to arise in new possibility for not only this moment, but for our collective future.

Be well and be safe.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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