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Healing For The Wild Ones

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

As I was reaching out to invite clients to contribute a short sharing for the December Healing Highights newsletters (coming soon!), I received something different from Lisa.

Lisa and I have worked together with all of her in-home animal beloveds for over 20 years. And, in the past several years, with her move to a new home, more wild animals have presented themselves to Lisa asking for healing.

Here are some of Lisa's experiences with these wild animal family members and healing.

"If you’ve experienced the joy of wild animals visiting your yard as I have and do- did you know they can benefit from healing energy sessions as much as our companion animals? I’ve been blessed with many opportunities to expand Joanna’s healing energy work to include wild animals in need who visit my yard. The sessions have helped these animals reset themselves and, when possible, facilitated their recovery to physical wholeness.

Over the years I’ve witnessed the wonders that energy healing work with Joanna can provide for wild animals. They benefit from and appreciate the support that energy work offers and many have presented themselves to me in times of crisis. I'm fortunate to have a fairly private backyard adjacent to small woods which are near a larger wooded area. A variety of animals and birds frequent my yard, especially white tail deer. A significant portion of my small property has been left wild to keep some natural habitat available for animals, birds, reptiles and insects.

Within this natural space, I can watch nature’s cycles unfold- migratory songbirds heralding in the start of spring, wild bees taking advantage of early blooms, new fawns growing into adolescents soon to experience their first winter, velvet bucks scraping free their new antlers that they’ll strut around each fall. And deer moms-to-be getting rounder each day until mid-May when their cycle begins again. Within each season, wild animals with health challenges sometimes present themselves to me seeking additional support.

All have benefited from the healing energy work.

Squirrels sometimes develop abscesses from fighting or predator attacks which can grow so large that they impact eating or walking or become life threatening. For them, healing energy supports their immune system and addresses the emotional trauma of illness or injury. I’ve had Joanna work with several squirrels and have seen wonderful results.

Sometimes young fawns don’t grow as well as the others. Maybe they were orphaned early or are more focused on investigating the landscape than eating so their body weight isn’t where it needs to be by summer’s end. These little ones just need a mental reset to help

them catch up and healing energy sessions with Joanna have helped with that.

I’ve found that the key to supporting our wild friends is to become an avid observer of the natural world unfolding within my yard. Nearly every size property has some wild

visitors on a regular basis. I do stack the deck a little by setting out bird seed and shallow water dishes in several spots around the back yard and I keep some close to the house so I can grab a photo through the window and not disturb the animals. I try to keep my outdoor activity to a minimum during those times when animals are more likely to be visiting to build a routine for them. By being able to create a safe space, they can rely on a little support when food or water is scarce and they can use the backyard to sleep at night, hide newborns each spring, and ask for healing help.

Most issues in recent years have involved deer, some with leg injuries which can make foraging for food challenging. Leg injuries in deer have ranged from dislocations to sprains/strains on up to fractures with the most serious being compound fractures. Deer have also presented with digestive weaknesses/ imbalances, possible viral or parasitic infections that exhaust their immune systems or a general failure to thrive for no apparent reason.

This past summer, a doe I named Barbara (that's her in the photo) had torn her abdomen leaving an open wound with a large mass of exposed muscle tissue. This happened in early summer and she was started on healing energy work- individual healings and Circle healings- right away. She received healings throughout the summer. Thankfully the exposed tissue eventually dried, fell away, and her skin closed over. Even though it took a few months for her wound to resolve she was able to move normally and successfully raised twin fawns without any issues. I feel that she was able heal quickly and cleanly largely because of the additional support she received from healing energy sessions.

A few years ago, an adult buck named Vincent (for his full story, click here) developed many large (probably) benign tumors on his neck, head and body, the kind that white tail deer sometimes experience related to a viral infection. Fortunately because of the feeding stations he was already a regular visitor so it was easy to get his photo. He received healing support over the summer. During the 2-3 months of healing work, the growths shrank and eventually disappeared and he started that autumn’s rut as a healthy adult buck.

While Vincent and Barbara's successes were amazing to witness, for others success doesn't always take the form we'd prefer. Success might mean overall support to help animals adapt to their new physical limitations. These animals are incredibly resilient with a strong will to live- so much so that many thrive and lead normal lives, even raising babies, without fully returning to what we would consider “normal”. Sometimes animals present themselves for healing and physical healing isn't possible. For these animals, healing energy can assist them in coming into more peaceful acceptance with their transition from this life.

This winter- and any season- if an animal or bird shows up in need of support or guidance, consider scheduling them for a healing energy and communication session with Joanna. It’ll be a much appreciated and welcome boost as they navigate through their challenges."

Thank you Lisa for this wonderful sharing!

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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