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Get Up Off The Floor

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

My friend and colleague, Bruce Bell- we both taught at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing- wrote this piece on being the change that is possible in us. Bruce is a dancer and the co-founder of BioTensengral Fascial Fitness with his wife Elizabeth.

Thank you Bruce.

"Here are the Eleven Movement Lessons I Learned To Get Up Off The Floor And Dance Again.

I use the language of movement because it anchors the transformation in the body, but these lessons can be applied to anyone who desires to change.

Lesson One: Total Surrender. Let go, then let go some more. Let go of any undo pattern of physical, emotional, or mental tension. Surrender of any of these elements is experienced as a physical release.

Lesson Two: Contact. Contact with the floor, with the air you breathe, with all that you touch. Contact is an electrical-magnetic experience and defines who what and where you are. Contact keeps it real.

Lesson Three: Give. Life gives life. Movement gives movement. One pulse leads to one movement, and each movement leads to one pulse. Each is a gift. If you don’t give, then how do you expect to receive?

Lesson Four: Listen. Listen to whatever you have never allowed yourself to hear before. Listen to how you feel. Listen to the sounds around you. Listen to the voice that says “I am”.

Lesson Five: Patience. Wait. Allow. Your mind does not know how to move; your body does. The amount of time it needs to complete the task at hand is the amount of time it takes you to let go.

Lesson Six: Not Knowing. “Show me dear wondrous beautiful body how to lift my leg a millionth of an inch off the floor.” It took a half-hour. It seemed like seconds.

Lesson Seven: Rest. Letting go follows every go. To gather, the cycle of life always pauses. Without rest, pause, reflection, you will merely pile on the same old crap that you piled on before. What good did that do you?

Lesson Eight: Gratitude. “Thank you for showing me a way to move without pain.” And when there is pain,” Thank you for holding me in my pain and letting me know it is OK.”

Lesson Nine: Start Anew Again and Again. What can I do today? That I could not do yesterday?

Lesson Ten: Direct your will towards the evolution of consciousness. Nothing less will do.

Lesson Eleven: Every action plays a role in the law of cause and effect. Be the cause of your evolving body, the cause of unreasonable possibilities, the cause of oneness, the cause of love. When you fully embrace this, you make a difference."

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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