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  • Writer's pictureJoanna Beth Seere, Spiritual Healing

From Cat's Mouth

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

At Spirit to Spirit, the intention is to meet and know animals as all of who they are, especially the deeper aspects of who they are. As souls on a journey in life. As manifestations of the Divine/Spirit in a unique animal form.

And, of course, it is equally important to understand them as who they are as individual expressions of a species, in a body, with personality, mind, emotions, and all that makes up their extraordinary one-of-a-kindness here on this earth.

Our feline family members are fabulously complex and fascinating beings. In always wanting to understand them better, perhaps we should listen to them directly as they express how they (well, maybe some!) see their lives and their relationships with us.

From cats' mouths (LOL!) to our ears...

In Laughter & Love, Joanna


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