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End Of Summer

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

End of summer. We are slowly moving that way, aren't we. Here in the East, we may want to rename this to "end of sweltering summer." It has been that- a blisteringly hot and heavily humid summer, a very different kind of summer than we are used to.

As we humans have struggled with the oppressive, wet heat for the better part of these past few months, so too have our animal family members and all the outdoor living ones. As we attempt to find a way to be with this challenging weather, looking to the animals to see how they cope can help. How do they find balance in the midst of weather that challenges ever fiber of our being with its extremes.

Observing our animal family members who live outdoors 24/7 and the wild ones, it is fascinating to see how they find internal/external balance in stressful conditions.

Watching the horses. Choosing the perfect place to stand to pick up a tiny movement of air. Noticing how they stand perfectly still, except for tails squishing away the flying ones, finding a bit of coolness in that still stance. Feeling them bring their attention inward, to the space of natural stillness- the quiet place inside- removed just a touch from the heat, humidity, sun, and flying critters.

Perhaps we can take a note from the horses and other outdoor living animals who know how to be with it all, from the inside out- whether it is summer's scorching heat, autumn's feisty coolness, winter's bitter bite, or spring's delicious sun/rain/bloom event. Who know how to find that exquisite spot of balance, inner and outer, in the midst of whatever life and nature usher forward.

As summer winds down, as we walk into the next season with the animals- family and extended family- let's remember to follow their lead in how to be in relationship with all that is.

Learning from the animals. Always, from the animals.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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