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Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

I stumbled across this article in BBC Earth. It presents something interesting about cats and how they perceive, understand, and adapt their behavior.

Here's what the aricle says:

“Cat owners- let’s change that to human family members- the world over will have endless stories of their cat’s cunning plans for finding food and evading baths; however, a cat’s ability to process and apply information works far beyond getting tasty treats and avoiding water.

Cats learn by observing and repeating observed behaviours, hence the term ‘copycat’. One particular cat, named Nora, has shown the exceptional ability cats have to turn what they see into action. With her human family member spending her days teaching children to play piano, Nora noticed the keen level of attention her person would give to the notes the children were playing, and not to Nora.

Always looking for the spotlight to be on her, Nora applied what she had been observing and perched herself up at the piano. Tapping the keys with her paws, just like the piano students, she was instantly lavished in the attention of her person and the children. In playing the piano, Nora has been able to observe and pinpoint the exact action that wins attention, and act it out for herself, even replicating the way a piano student sits to the delight of all who watch her.”

Yes, Nora is highly intelligent and observant, as an individual and as a member of her feline species. And...there is much more to what Nora is actually demonstrating here. She is giving us a picture not only of her ordinary capacities of observation and adaptation, but of her deeper, inner capacities of sensing and perception... capacities that are inherent in all living beings, animal and human.

At the core of who and what we all are, we are energetic in nature. We are all a vast network of energies- mental, emotional, physical, subtle, spiritual- that coalsesce in the form of each unique being. We are all intuitive, sensitive and sensing, psychic to varying degrees- whether we are fully aware of it or not. We "use" these capacities all the time in every day life- they are part of our energetic DNA.

So Ms. Nora is using all of her subtle capacities in sensing into this situation with her human, the student, and the piano. She is feeling into the energy of the situation, tracking the movements, actions, and loving emotional responses. She sees how to place herself right in the middle of the energy, deeply part of the loving energy- mirroring and co-creating with the humans a tribe in deeply loving connection.

You might ask. Could there also be some kind of a deeper knowing here- something that arises from another kind of energetic connection, such as a past life? Perhaps. And Nora "gets" that deeper connection, deeper love, arises right here, right now, in this shared space and experience at the piano.

So, the next time you witness your animal family member creating a new behavior that brings forward more love, more attention, more caring... think of Nora and how she has showed us all the ways in which animals see, feel, sense and choose in their relationships with us. Always... choosing more love.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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