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Clear, Open & Available

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

The month of January always seems to be a time during which we continue to look into ourselves and our lives, reflect on the past, and consider new possibilities for the coming year.

The question arises: how can we step into this new year with the greatest resources we have within us supporting us? One way is through becoming clear, open & available.

What does that mean?

Becoming clear... allowing the energy of the past- as much as possible- to move gently through us and release. Relaxing the mind/emotions that want to insist on bringing the past into the present. Letting the past rest where it is meant to- in the past. Taking from the past, from what we have experienced- the lessons we have learned, the sparks of insight and wisdom we have gleaned, and letting them inform our present as needed.

One habit that we humans have is that we make the assumption that because we have experienced something, that guarantees it is a "truth" and we assume that it will happen again. Our tendency is to drag those assumptions into the present. Assumptions are like wearing darkly tinted sunglasses. They overshadow our vision and make it more difficult to actually see/feel the present moment as it truly is, with clarity and nuance.

Being open... to what is right here, right now. Without preconceived ideas about what is. To be present- awake and aware- to what is here and now in this moment/movement of life.

Being available. Can we show up available to what this present moment brings and what it has to show us. Available to receive this moment as it is, trusting that it will reveal itself and the way forward as we stay present with it.

Clear, open and available. It's a simple and beautiful way of being in life that is accessible to all of us. Something that is inherent in our capacity as human being and that can invite us into a different relationship within ourselves, with others, and in life.

The beauty is- we will actually begin to experience others and life more as they truly are.

Isn't that something worth stepping into?

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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