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Broken Heartenedness

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

Spiritual teacher, Terry Patten, founder

of the New Republic of the Heart, was diagnosed 6 months ago with a rare form of lung cancer. From the beginning, Terry has been open and transparent and has invited everyone to walk with him at this very poignant time in his life.

In the midst of his receiving news from his doctors that treatment was not working and that he needed to prepare for his death, Terry boldly decided to offer himself in the form of a program and share about what is true and real in his experience as he faces into his own mortality. His heartache around the pain, decline, and loss... and his even deeper awakening to love, support, and the living presence of What Is Greater overflows in him and is palpable in his every word. He is wide open to his own possible imminent death as well as to the possibility of a miracle.

Terry's dearest friend and spiritual teacher Craig Hamilton guides the conversation with Terry with great tenderness and care.

Bowing deeply to Terry for this great gift he is bestowing upon us.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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