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  • Writer's pictureJoanna Beth Seere, Spiritual Healing

Big-Hearted Nature

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

Today, as I look outside my office window at the extraordinary beauty in front of me, I feel what I can only describe as the big-heartedness of Nature, of this season we are deeply immersed in.

Nature in all her summer glory feels so generous, so full, she has to share her bounty with all of her animals- non-human and human alike- in an abundant kind of way. It feels like we are being held in the warmest of loving arms, doesn't it, embraced by unending goodness.

And, feeling her magnificence as it expresses itself so fully around us, Nature also encourages us to turn toward those who anchor her energy in our homes. Our animal family members- who carry her call into our homes and indoor lives, into our hearts and souls. Animal energy always reminding us that we are of Nature, as they are. We carry Nature's impulse inside us as they do. We are only different by small degrees, our Essential Nature is Nature and the Spirit she carries.

When and as we understand this- in our hearts, souls, bodies, energy- our lives can become even more deeply intertwined with our animal family members and with Nature in all her glory. Then we will truly feel our interconnectedness with all Nature, all life, all living beings, deeply resonating in every cell of our being.

Bowing, in reverence, to Nature, our animals, all animals for this.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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