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Beneath The Surface

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

Here in New York state, we are just stepping through a storm event. One which turned from snow to a deep freeze and a thick, seemingly impenetrable sheet of ice covering everything.

Everything seemed to stop in its wake. A deep stillness...everywhere.

Feeling into that stillness, I found myself contemplating- what is beneath the surface? What life is moving underneath that we simply cannot see, feel,or even sense given the density of the frozen surface?

And, I found myself pondering this as well about our animal family members- and all animals. Often, our experience of them rests close to the surface. In what we see/feel as their presentation- the beauty of who they are physically, the uniqueness of their personality/emotionality. In how we relate to and with them on these levels.

And yet, it begs the question- who is this being underneath the surface of that presentation? What deep inner life is this being experiencing that we may or may not directly see in our day to day relationship? might we access what is underneath, the very Essence of who this being is, the very soul and Spirit that is expressing in this being, waiting to be discovered by us?

The key is in stillness. openness, and availability.

Being willing to become quiet- like the stillness of the frozen ice- to be open to how our animal family member wants to reveal her/his inner expression. To trust the capacity of our natural deeper and expanded senses in experiencing the subtlety of who this being is.

The most beautiful thing is that if we become quiet and open, our animals will have the opportunity to pop forward and surprise us with the depth of their inner nature. Instead of seeing the iceberg, we will experience the entire ocean.

So, let yourself relax into no expectations, allowing in the possibility that all living beings are so much greater that who they appear to be. And, that each one wants to be seen and felt in the deepest part of who s/he is, in all of his/her beauty.

Enjoy being surprised. Your animal family member is waiting for you.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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