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Accepting What Is

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

I was thinking about animals, as I so often do. Domestic and wild. I was thinking about their exquisite capacity to accept things as they are, to accept what is. Although some individual animal beings struggle with this, the majority of animals demonstrate this capacity in most beautiful ways. To be in acceptance of "what is" seems to be inherent in who animals are, that they come into this world possessing a sometimes astonishing capacity to be "in peace" with what is going on in their lives. A capacity that seems to be elusive to many of us human beings.

Just look at this photo of Cupid, a resident of Skylands Animal Sanctuary in New Jersey. Cupid was born into extremely harsh circumstances- circumstances imposed by human beings- and when rescued, Cupid required major surgery and now a leg brace. And yet this amazing being is one of the sweetest, warmest, most kind and loving beings who graciously accepts- and welcomes- all human interaction. How can that be?

How has Cupid come to accept "what is"? The past as well as the challenges and joys of today. What does "accepting what is" truly mean?

We humans seem to misunderstand this. We seem to think it means that we agree with whatever we accept. That accepting "what is" means that we are saying that whatever happened or is happening is right.

So what is Cupid saying to us? What are animals teaching us about "accepting what is"?

They are demonstrating to us in how they live present to what is in life. How they posses a recognition of the ways things have been and are. And, in that recognition, rest in

non-resistance to life. Being with this moment... as much as possible... being in

peaceful relationship and balance in life.

Have you ever lived with an animal family member who suddenly became seriously ill? And it was such a surprise, a shock to you. You didn't notice any difference in your beloved until the situation was critical. And you couldn't imagine how you missed this.

Your animal family member did notice the subtle changes that began in his/her body. And, what did s/he do? Simply... allow what is, allow what is happening without resistance .... and find a way to be in balance with it, as best as possible. Even as symptoms became more challenging, his/her approach was to simply accept the changes and rediscover balance. In acceptance of and balance with whatever is... until s/he can no more. Very hard for us in this case. And an amazing demonstration for us of what "accepting what is" truly is.

Once again, we are given a beautiful wisdom gift from animals. Something that we can take into our lives in this very moment. Perhaps this is our true nature as well, the capacity to accept what is. Perhaps we have simply forgotten how to do that. Observing animals, we can begin our to illuminate this capacity in us and find right balance in all of our life circumstances.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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