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  • Writer's pictureJoanna Beth Seere, Spiritual Healing

Accepting Change

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

The one thing we can always say is...always...things change. Always, life is changing. Always, nature, life will emerge in new manifestations. Always- for as long as this planet and life exist.

And, if we follow the lead of our animal brothers and sisters, wild ones and the ones in our families, they will show us that the most easeful way to be with always is to meet each emerging moment in open acceptance.

Acceptance, meaning being with this, with life, as it is- in non-resistance. It does not mean that we love or agree with what is in front of us. Or that certain things don't need to change. It means that we simply face into whatever is present without pushing toward it or pulling away from it.

Gently pay attention to your animal beloveds at home and the wild ones around you. Can you see/feel that greater/deeper acceptance about life that they live from? Even if they have preferences (and everyone does), even if they need things to be different from what they are- in the deepest level of being, animals walk through their lives "in acceptance of"..simply being "with" life, as it is.

A great practice for us all. To be with life, as it emerges, and face into it as it unfolds in every moment.

Once again, animals demonstrate for us how to live in beautiful and balanced relationship with all life.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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