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A Tiny Miracle

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

The other night, I was cooking dinner and something called my attention to the floor. I noticed a small spider web at the base of the stove and a medium sized black ant dead in the web. I stopped cooking and

got a piece of paper towel to gather the

ant and take him to a final resting place

in my garden.

As soon as I touched the web, the ant's legs began to move. He was stuck in a thick ball of twisted web. I let him know that I would try to help as best I could. I placed him in my hand and began ever so gently to try to separate him from the sticky tight lacing around him.

As I talked him through it, the ant kept moving his legs. I could see that he was trying to show me, in his ant way, how to free him from the web. It took a couple of extremely focused minutes of cooperative work and, much to my amazement, the ant became completely free. Not a speck of web on him. I carried him outside in my hand and released him into the garden. One vibrantly alive ant.

Such a small yet enormous event. For the ant and for me. This ant was released from certain death. In the process of assisting, I got to experience an amazing cooperation and the absolute joy of knowing that one small being gets to live.

To me, this was a series of tiny miracles. A miracle that I was drawn to this ant and his terrible situation. A miracle that the ant was still alive when I found him. And a miracle

that, in our working together, something extraordinary happened.

Miracles are in potential everywhere, ripe for us to discover them and participate in

them. Anywhere we look we might see one waiting for us to become its co-creator.

May today be a day of tiny- or grand!- miracles in your life.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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