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  • Writer's pictureJoanna Beth Seere, Spiritual Healing

A Crack Of Light

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

We see it in our lives and in nature all the time.

A crack of light as a door opens. A crack of light at early dawn or between the trees. A crack of new light as spring emerges.

And, we experience it in our lives with our animal family members. A crack of light when a feral-born being decides that your eyes are not terrifying and s/he looks at you. When an animal who has experienced a history in which touch is dangerous decides that s/he will allow your touch. When an animal reveals the depth of his/her soul to you, keeping nothing hidden and allowing you to see who s/he truly is. These are the astonishing cracks of light that can and do emerge in our lives, as we are open to them.

When we meet each other beyond our perceived sense of illusory boundaries, a crack of Immense Light- Greater Light, Divine Light- can make Itself known. When we risk being together in vulnerability- availability- trusting in each other and in life in a new way- something Greater than who we are as individuals seems to awaken, something that reveals the Essential Truth of our Oneness.

It is a precious possibility that exists in each moment of our lives together with our animal family members. And with the wild ones. With nature. With human beings. Being open to and available for the crack of Light that wants to emerge and reveal, fully and directly, the true nature of who we all are.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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