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2021 Healing Highlights!

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend, Every year in December, I present Healing Highlights from the year. Beautiful sharings contributed by animal moms and dads detailing the wonderful healings they are witnessing in their animal family members. This year, there have been so many contributions, there will be three newsletters devoted to these touching healing journeys. Thank you animal moms and dads for sharing how spiritual healing and deeper communication have benefited you and your animal beloveds. Stay tuned over the next few weeks for all of these amazing sharings! In Gratitude & Love, Joanna

From Diana

"Miss Kitty came into our lives after my best friend died - a beautiful black cat named Lucky who Joanna supported until the end and transitioned smoothly because of Joanna’s presence in our lives.

Miss Kitty had a rough start with our other cat, Jon Snow. Jon so wanted to play with his new friend. Miss Kitty needed time to acclimate to her new home. Having been an outdoor cat for at least part of her life, certain anxieties continued even after entering a loving home and new family. This seemed like it could be a good match yet both kitties were becoming more and more stressed by the day. In not knowing how to bridge the gap, I turned to Joanna for help.

Joanna’s help was invaluable - in understanding Miss Kitty's behavior, supporting Jon’s needs as well, and her recommendations on how to proceed in a positive way. What was becoming a stress for the whole household is now a pure joy! Jon and Miss Kitty run through the house chasing, tumbling, and tackling! And, we often find them napping close by. This new friendship is truly blossoming. I can never thank Joanna enough for her gift, support, and love."

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Martha shares

"I utilized Joanna's healing and communication skills to help in the recovery of my Aussie Seamus who had undergone a total hip replacement. This summer, I once again came back to Joanna to help with my current Aussie, Jasper, a lovely sweet rescue boy who has major fear and past trauma issues which affect the way he interacts with the world in general and with my partner Nelson.

Jasper has been fearful and avoidant of Nelson most of the time, leaving me to be the only one who could give him walks and interact with him at close range. In summer, I found out that I was going to have to have a shoulder replacement. I would be unable to give Jasper walks for at least 2 months. This was obviously of great concern so I once again reached out to Joanna to see about communicating to Jasper what was going to transpire.

Joanna had a communication with him which helped Nelson and me understand where some of his fear and trauma issues may have been coming from. After the session, we noticed a marked difference in Jasper: he actually began to interact a bit more with Nelson and you could see that he was trying to overcome the blocks he had toward him.

We then had a series of healing sessions about once a week for Jasper. Jasper got to where he would allow Nelson to take him for a walk as long as I was along and put the harness and leash on him. As the surgery date approached, Joanna began informing Jasper what was going to be transpiring and how he was going to have to depend upon Nelson for much of his care.

On the day of surgery, we were not at all certain if Jasper would let Nelson give him a walk. However, later that day, Nelson made the attempt to put the leash on Jasper. To his amazement, Jasper hopped up on the sofa and allowed him to snap on the leash, open the front door, and take him for a walk.

The progress which burst forth that day has continued for the past two months. Even though Jasper's path to wholeness and connection can have temporary changes of direction at times, overall he is vastly more comfortable with Nelson. Thank you so much Joanna for helping Jasper open up, become more at ease with the world, and get further down the path of truly connecting with the essence of who he is."

To read about Seamus’ healing journey, click here

Barbara reports "Super Gijo. An extraordinary Bengal cat named Gijo turned 18 in November and is approaching his 5th anniversary of healing with Joanna. I am in awe that he is still with me 5 years+ after a cancer diagnosis and 3+ years after his brother departed due to the same condition. Grateful doesn’t begin to describe how blessed I feel to still have him with me. He sleeps with me most nights, sleeps next to me much of each day, and as soon as I sit in the recliner, he is there waiting to sit in my lap. Yes, he’s slowed down a little bit, but he’s 18! Most days after his healing, he finds me to tell me about it. We have a conversation and then he climbs up, under his own steam (although there are additional steps) on to the vanity to ask to drink from the sink. There are days when he doesn’t do that, but the days he does far outnumber the ones where he doesn’t. Gijo is a social cat even now and he greets each guest in my home. He still has the sweet disposition he’s always had and on occasion still asks to play. Gijo gets regular healings and I know that Joanna is essential to keeping him fit and happy."

From Gail

"My Bugsby. A couple of years ago, I brought Bugsby to the ER when he was not able to keep food down and just seemed to be really sick. The exam revealed that he had what appeared to be lymphoma. It was an early diagnosis and I gave him the medicine they prescribed and he was better for a long time.

When he started getting sick again, I brought him back to the hospital. They told me he had a pervasive cancer and that chemo might help him. At the end of the seven month protocol, he was clearly better. He gained weight and was running around like there was never anything wrong with him. My little Bugsby was back.

Three years after the chemo, he started getting sick again. His cancer had come back. The oncologist told me he needed a different type chemo treatment and we had to go back once every three weeks for an injection.

When I met Joanna, Bugsby was snapping at me, biting me, and wanted to be alone, away from my other cats and away from me. Joanna worked with him every day at the beginning and he began to stop biting. He seemed more peaceful and was much calmer.

I worked with Joanna and decided that if the cancer came back, it was time for him to move on. Eventually, it did come back and Joanna helped him make the decision to let go.

I am forever grateful to Joanna for giving Bugsby a longer more peaceful life. I love my little man Bugsby and remember him fondly. He was feisty and spirited and the most loving cat. I miss him so much but I know it was his time. I will be forever grateful to Joanna who helped us both through an incredibly sad time."

Susan shares

"When I brought a new puppy into the household, my other pets weren't prepared for it – and neither was I! So

of course, my first thought was to have

a session with Joanna. I wanted to communicate with the puppy, but I also wanted to have a good introduction between him and my other guys.

Joanna communicated with my senior dog and he let us know that this puppy energy was distasteful and he wanted no part of it. My other dog was freaked out, but eager to slowly come around. So she calmed some nerves, explained that Gus was here to stay, and that

it'll be a good thing.

And then there was Gus himself, who, at 4 months, told us he's smart, he knows everything, and he is raring to explore life. It gave me a good foundation for understanding who this little rascal is. Our session also helped Gus understand that this is his home now, this is his family, and that we'll explore and discover together!" 


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