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Merci's Story

by Donna L. Velez, Founder
Hearts of Gold Pit Rescue
Memphis, Tennessee 

Merci is an 8-9 year old pit bull with teddy bear ears.  In July 2003, soon after I started my rescue group, Hearts of Gold Pit Rescue, I took her in.  She was almost dead when a kind man found her and contacted me.

It was love at first site, I had found my soul mate.  Merci spent the first part of her life as a fighting dog but after some work, showing her she was safe, and re-teaching her how to respond to stressful situations (other dogs included), she settled down to become my mascot and my partner in rehabbing other dogs. 

This year Merci died once and came very close to dying a second time, all in 2 weeks.  She had two blood transfusions within 7 days. She bled out twice and although the vet was sure she would not make it, she survived surgery and her cancerous spleen was removed.  The vet told me later that there was some unseen force at work because Merci had almost no chance of making it through surgery. 

Merci and I spent Christmas 2010 and New Years 2011 in the animal emergency center fighting for her life. Joanna was a key player in aiding Merci's fight to stay here. With the help of homeopathy, the power of visualization, the power of intention, prayer and Joanna's healing work, Merci walked out of the hospital on New Year’s Day and was happy to be going home. Her liver and a lymph node was negative for cancer. We are hopeful that the hemangiosarcoma has not metastasized - so we are going to continue our rescue work and following our path.  Joanna is continuing to support Merci with healings. 

When an animal is ready to leave, they will leave, no matter what we do but when an animal is not yet ready to go but their energy/spirit needs some support, some wind beneath their wings, we are gifted with animal healers to help us put that little lift there that makes all the difference. Merci, the miracle pit bull, is alive and well in Tennessee.  As I bury my face in Merci's fur and inhale her sweetness, I am thanking Spirit and Joanna for giving Merci the support she needed to pick up her wings and soar. 

With a grateful heart, Donna Velez, Merci’s mom

*Merci is no longer with us. Her spirit guides Hearts of Gold to this day.

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