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Rescue Day

Half Pint Billy

by Donna L. Velez, Founder
Hearts of Gold Pit Rescue
Memphis, Tennessee 

Someone surrendered "Billy" to the Emergency Clinic in Memphis. Once a dog is surrendered to the clinic, the manager makes the determination who lives and who is surrendered to Memphis Animal Services, a high kill dog pound. If the dog is believed to be adoptable, they will keep the dog and network with area rescue groups to attempt to get the dog into a rescue. If the dog is not deemed "salvageable or adoptable", the pound is called and the dog goes to MAS to be killed.

The pound had been called on Billy. As the animal control officer drove up into the parking lot, a vet tech named Katie was texting me. She said that Billy was a pit bull, black, sweet, and had been fought a lot. I told her to tell the pound that rescue is on the way. I drove over to meet Billy and get a read on him. I saw him sitting in the metal cage, with his head bowed like he was praying, green infection oozed from his left ear. He was so thin and he had a lot of old fighting wounds and some fresh ones as well. He was covered in wounds, all over his back legs and front legs, his spine, and ears. I opened the cage and crawled into it, leaned up against Billy and talked to him. He very slowly raised his head and took his nose and touched my cheek. He instantly stole my heart and I knew he would never leave me.

Billy had advanced heartworm, intestinal parasites and infected wounds. He was so sick and so shut down when I got him that I had to pick him up and carry him from the house to the yard. He would walk a few steps and then freeze. While he was recovering, I exposed him to my calmest dogs- Suzie Q, Lemmy, Cha-Cha, and Linus. I wanted him to be with dogs who would be gentle with him and I wanted him to know that these dogs were not going to pick a fight with him.

Joanna and I had some healing sessions with him.

I have had Billy for 4 years- he may be 8 years old now. He is named for a young man who lived his life to the fullest- getting married, getting a house, getting a dog- while knowing he was dying. I loved his spirit and decided to name Billy after him. Billy is very happy, very vocal and very, very smart. He notices things that other dogs miss. He is very tolerant of other dogs. He and Raisin actually play chase together. They wrestle and everything, just like other (non-fighting) dogs do. Remarkable given his history. 

Billy was diagnosed with mast cell cancer in February 2015 and he underwent surgery to have the tumor removed. He popped up fully awake and alert after his post-surgery healings!!! He has been in Healing Circles since that time.

Before his healings, Billy was so hyper-vigilant that when he was out of his crate, he was patrolling the house. He could not calm down and he could not focus on something for very long. Although he still has some separation anxiety when I am not with him, he is getting better with time. Changes I have noticed since his healings are that he is much calmer, not hyper-vigilant, more focused, and can actually be still, lie beside me on the sofa and watch TV.

With surgery, healing, and homeopathic and herbal care, Billy is cancer free at this time and he will continue healings to put him in the best place possible. He was examined yesterday by my vet and he said that Billy's surgical wound was healing beautifully and that Billy looked "great." 

He continues to do amazing!


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