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Priya's Transformation

by Catherine Roseberry, McLean, Virginia

When my 20-year-old kitty Priya began feeling the effects of kidney failure, I sought Joanna’s help.  Not wanting her to suffer, I was thinking it would be best to put her to sleep soon.  This was a year and a half ago, and I am so grateful I made that call, because it caused me to rethink a decision that would have been tragically premature, depriving  Priya of the best time of her life.

Priya is still here, thanks to the grace of God, Joanna’s loving and insightful healing, and Priya’s own courageous heart.  Here is her story, starting with a bit of background leading up to her sessions with Joanna.

It’s hard to remember that the gloriously elegant, confident and fearless cat I see before me now was not always like this.  Until a year and a half ago she was quite fearful, and had been so most of her life.  She basically lived in the bedroom, afraid of everyone outside the immediate family. When she did venture out our other four cats, sensing her fear, would chase her back in. 

One morning, a few days before my first call to Joanna, she simply awoke and remembered who she really is. It was that sudden and dramatic, and I was blessed to witness it.  She had timidly sneaked into the kitchen for a bite to eat, hoping not to be seen by any of the other cats.  Sure enough, Jaya came along and proceeded to charge her as usual.  But this time, instead of running back into the bedroom, Priya’s response was different.  She raised her head and simply stood there, looking straight at Jaya, with steady, calm, fearless confidence.  Jaya halted abrubtly, inches from Priya, took in the changed situation instantly, and just sauntered away.  Priya herself seemed somewhat surprised, but very pleased. 

The next day, on an intuition, I brought her into the living room where I teach piano, and set her down on a soft armchair.  Before, she would have run right back into the bedroom in terror.  But this time she stayed, all afternoon and evening, through six different students coming and going, calmly and joyfully reveling in her newfound fearlessness.

At the same time these breakthroughs were happening, however, the kidney failure was progressing.  Spiritually she was flourishing, but physically she seemed to be feeling increasingly unwell. 

So I called Joanna and scheduled a session.  Joanna listened to my opinion that Priya seemed ready to leave, and that we should help her transition before any pain set in.  But when she spoke with Priya, it turned out I had it all wrong.  Priya communicated to her that yes, there was some discomfort. But, having finally found her freedom after all these years, she wanted to stay and enjoy it as long as possible!  I was surprised, but thrilled to know she wasn’t suffering, and more than willing to help her stay.  Joanna suggested a treatment plan that included subcutaneous fluids, homeopathic and nutritional supplements, and weekly healing sessions. We got started on these right away. 

The physical treatments brought immediate results.  But the real miracles began happening through the weekly healing sessions.  During these sessions, Joanna seems to link with Priya, seeing her as she truly is: Free, limitless, radiant, full of light and love.  Somehow she conveys her vision to Priya, who then sees it as well.  In this true vision, healing occurs. “And the truth shall set you free”. 

As the healing sessions progressed, every week brought more steps toward greater freedom.  Like the time our friend Andrew came over for a visit and inadvertently sat in “Priya’s” chair:  Priya, incensed, planted herself directly in front of Andrew, and with unrelenting, outraged intensity proceeded to stare him down.  Andrew became uncomfortable enough that he finally got up and moved to the couch, whereupon Priya immediately jumped up and reclaimed her chair.  Before settling in, however, she jumped over and walked quite deliberately across Andrew’s lap several times.  Then, satisfied, she returned to her chair.  Joanna later told me this behavior is a means of asserting dominance! 

Perhaps my favorite breakthroughs involved the coming of spring last year, and Priya’s claiming the outdoors.  Before, I would have to coax her outside, and stay out with her, and even then she would very soon become anxious and want to return to her bedroom hideaway.  But as the days became warmer, Priya began to venture out by herself onto the porch.  Next it was the yard, but still close to the house.  Finally one day, I looked out and saw her sitting majestically and triumphantly atop a small open mound, fearlessly surveying our vast expanse of yard.  This was Priya’s crowning moment.  She had completely overcome fear. 

Now it’s spring again.  Priya has spent the past year in peace, contentment and freedom. And, most beautiful of all:  Now that her energy isn’t all tied up in fear and it’s overcoming, she’s free to experience the joy of extending her heart’s boundless love.

Thank you, Joanna, for your work with Priya, from that first session when you saw that it wasn’t time yet for her to leave, through all the subsequent sessions through which such miracles have occurred!

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