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Who Is The Healer

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

Shortly after Cailie's passing, I got in

touch with my dear friend Lauren who is a cat caregiver at Pets Alive Animal Sanctuary in Middletown, NY to donate Cailie's food. When I first moved to this area, Lauren, another good friend and I developed the first humane education program for Pets Alive. So of course, I would want them to receive whatever they could use of Cailie's.

Before I headed there, I connected with the cats living in the main cat house. All cats at Pets Alive live in open rooms, no one is in a kennel unless there is a reason. I let the cats know that I was coming to meet them, I was not there to adopt. However. If there was someone(s) who absolutely needed me and my home, I was open.

As I went into the different rooms with Lauren and she introduced me to all the lovely beautiful cats, I paid close attention to the energy. Interesting that no one came forward

to let me know that I was there for them.

When I returned home, a few cats stayed in my mind, cats who needed healing.

Shroddy (12) and Chase (7), non-bio brothers and new "owner surrender" arrivals to

Pets Alive, who were terrified and hadn't eaten for 3 days. Sammy, a lovely 15 years old

with medical issues ( I told Lauren that I would

begin healings with them if they were open to it.

Lauren then asked me if I would include BB in the healings. BB was a second time surrender to Pets Alive and she was so scared that she was living in the back of an open kennel and never came out. Once she knew a person, she would let them rub her head and scratch her chin. That was all she could do. Of course, I said yes.

When I first opened in energy with BB, I received a strong message: "She cannot reach out. She needs someone to go in after her and rescue her." She had retreated so far inside herself- it was painful to feel. I asked the obvious question. "Is it me who should go in after you BB?" The silence was stunning. It was clear. It was not me. I wondered what this might mean for BB.

A day after BB's first healing, Lauren texted me. Mimosa, a semi-feral natured cat, had entered BB's kennel and was snuggled beside her. Lauren then shared that although Mimosa hisses at humans, she loves cats and in the years she has been at Pets Alive, she has attached herself to two other cats (who were ill) and she supported them until their passing.

Mimosa obviously had heard the same message that I had- and she responded. The nurse and healer that she is came forward and she took BB in as her new friend and healee. And

BB accepted. After a few more healings, Lauren told me that BB had stepped outside of the kennel for the first time (photo shows Mimosa, orange tabby, and BB, calico).

We never know who our healer might be. I can be that for some and very clearly Mimosa is that for BB. She seems to be supporting BB in the way that she needs and is showing her

the benefit and enjoyment she can experience by stepping (literally) through her fear. And perhaps BB will show Mimosa one day that a head rub and a chin scratch from a human

can feel really nice. They can be healers for each other, as each one needs.

PS. After a few healings, Chase and Shroddy have turned into big, delicious mushes who love to head bump all the caregivers. Sammy is doing his best to be with his symptoms and still loves a big bowl of food.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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