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When We Stop

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

I was doing some cleanout work in my garage the other day. As I was getting ready to close the doors, I noticed a small black fly buzzing around the garage. I let him know I was about to close the doors and suggested it would be best if he headed outside. I closed the doors and went into my home.

One second later, I realized I had company. The little black fly was buzzing wildly around me- landing on my shirt, my pants, in my hair, in my face. Knowing that these little flies have quite the sting, my very human reaction was- as gently as possible- to shoo him away. The more I shooed him, the more determined he became to get to me.

And then I got the message- I needed to stop. Stop reacting, stop shooing him away- and be more open and curious. What if I allowed a connection with this fly without concern about being stung and relaxed into whatever this moment was.

And so I stoppped. In an instant, all the buzzing around me stopped. The little fly landed on my shirt close to my face and rested there. I stayed very still, appreciating this sweet moment of connection that clearly went beyond fly and human. A few moments later, he quietly flew away and disappeared. I never saw him again.

Sometimes, if we just stop and open to who the other is, if we let go of our assumptions about the other, something precious and surprising can happen. And isn't it worth giving it a try in certain situations and seeing what kind of connections can occur when we are simply curious and open. How much might we- and the other- gain from such an unexpected moment of meeting.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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