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What If?

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend

I stumbled upon this poem, not by a well known poet or author, but by a woman who offers this beautiful expression of

her understanding of life.

"Sweeping the Garden"

by Marcia Klepper-Smith

“What if?

every encounter has been

a gift brought, a present wrapped and ready

to unnest, ready

to be drawn up and out

from its enclosure,

something meant…

What if?

each skirmish has been a mine

to venture into, its ore waiting to be

found, ready to give over

its lode, its offering this lesson

that you most need

to know…

What if?

you were prepared, unbeknownst, and set

to receive that gift, the one that found its way

to you wrapped in its own private pilgrimage,

the one being

entrusted to you to travel with,

to behold, and to be

beholden to…

What if?

these encounters, those abrasions, every one

has had its reason to be offered

to you, its own affliction anchored to its remedy,

by towing you under, pulling you in

and turning you over, finally,

to be loved…

What if?

this life is not the series of obstacles it seems

to be but is the river’s rising,

widening, cutting deep

into the banks on either side and turning

the great overcome

to overflow…

What if?

these entanglements have been

the currents in their crossing, the wake of debts

being paid, the burdens carried

being laid to rest, the trails in the stilling

waters of your own being


What if?

from your beginning, these offerings,

each for its own sake,

have been for you persistent

nudging of the Light,

and blessings put upon the darkening

you bring…

What if?

these meetings are merely Creation

carrying on, still at work, still

hovering over the face

of the deep?

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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