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Up Close & Personal

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

Here we are, well into the deepest part of our relationship with summer. How we love her when she shines in perfection- warm but not too warm, sunny, low humidity.

And how we rail against her when she flashes her extremes at us. Our wild brothers and sisters seem to relax with a knowing smile, understanding when to lay low and allow summer her play and when to dance with her.

It's been fascinating to be in relationship (for the second summer) with a little green tree frog (or frogs) who graces my kitchen window at about 8:30 p.m., watching for the light from my kitchen to attract those he will select as his dinner.

He was absent for a few weeks and then, the evening of his return, he pressed his face against the glass seeming to only want to look into my eyes. He shooed flying tiny ones away from his face and stayed eye to eye with me for a good 15 minutes.

Now, we are more casual- a quick hello and he is off to the business of waiting for who shows up at the window and sparks his interest.

Seeing this tree frog up close and personal has been one of the great treasures of this summer. His seeking connection, his making contact, with a living being- so radically different from who he is- is a beautiful and gentle testimony to the way in which we all can know each other, choose friendships beyond our own species, and reach beyond the perceived limitations of who we think we are and who we think the other is and open into

a shared experience in life.

Who knew that being in relationship with a tiny tree frog on a window would be such a rich and fulfilling experience- for both of us!

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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