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To Be Moved

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

A group that I participate in, we were

re-listening to an audio teaching from a program called Opening to the Inifinite taught by meditation teachers Craig Hamilton and Jeff Carreira a couple of years ago.

The theme of this particular audio was receptivity. Craig and Jeff describe receptivity as:

"the vulnerability to be moved by the unimaginable"

They encourage sitting in this space of openness/receptiveness as a "posture" in meditation.

It may be easy to imagine how sitting in wide open receptivity in meditation could invite the potential to be moved by something greater than self.. by That Which Is, by Source.

And, we may also be able to feel how this could be a beautiful stance to take in our day to day lives as well. Walking into each moment of our lives in this kind of soft availability. In every interaction with another, responding from a gentle and curious openness. Meeting each moment with a willingness to be moved by all that life is.

Imagine, if you can, how this might feel- in your body, in your mind/emotions, in your energy. The easefulness of this stance. The relaxed nature of being deeply in self and with another. The joy and sense of connectedness and possibility that could spark in us as we are seated in this kind of availability.

As Jeff and Craig continued in their teaching... as we are this, we will "come home to the place we always are, awake and free... which is what we always already are."

Wouldn't that be a great big breath of freedom!

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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