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Thoughts From The Edge

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

Tom Kenyon, sound healer and channel, recently wrote a long piece reflecting on his own journey and these unusual times we are living in. I gathered together parts of what he wrote to share here.

Thoughts From The Edge Of Shifting Reality

“The pandemic hit. Our collective world was turned upside down.

We are now, as of this writing, past the midway point of the second year, and I have been humbled and in awe by the intricacies and intensity of the human psyche—my psyche to be exact but also the collective psyche of our human family.

I suspect that many of you, like myself, are feeling the intensity and the rapidity of global change that is now upon us. Many years ago, when the Hathors first mentioned to me the idea of "Chaotic Nodes" (, I thought it was a quaint and interesting notion. Now that we are clearly in the midst of ever-increasing chaos, that concept is turning into a palpable everyday reality.

Perhaps you recall a book from 1970 by the title of "Future Shock", which was written

by the futurist Alvin Toffler and his wife Adelaide Farrell. The term “future shock” was coined to describe a psychological state of individuals and entire societies in which

there was a personal perception of “too much change in too short a period of time.”

I felt the truth of this concept when I first read about it. But now the truth of this is in

our society’s face. And we are clearly in an accelerated track of collective and personal transformation.

The roots of the word, trans and formation, mean “beyond form”. And indeed, the structures of our society, of our institutions, of our personal relationships with each

other and with ourselves are morphing right before our eyes.

I am also struck by how the Chinese language speaks to the word transformation.

Their version of this word consists of two ideograms. One means danger and the

other opportunity. Indeed, in any transformational process there is both opportunity

for change and danger in that very opportunity.

And that is the crux of the matter as far as I am concerned. How do we embrace the opportunities for rapid change that are all around us while avoiding the dangers?

How do we avoid the fate of Icarus who flew too close to the sun?

How we choose to answer these questions will determine our fate. And getting to

those answers is both an individually personal and a shared collective endeavor.

It is clearly not just about us as individuals. It is also about us as part of a greater

whole. It is not just about “me” but it is also about “we.” To borrow a concept from the

Jewish philosopher Martin Buber, it is about both "I" and "Thou". And, accelerating

events on the global stage are clear harbingers that a new worldview is in the midst

of being birthed—albeit it often under great duress.

I believe that the Work, specifically exploring the depths of our own nature, can be an immense ally as we face our uncertain planetary future.

It is a period of extreme uncertainty. It as if all the data of our lives has temporarily been lost in the Cloud (digital not theological). And while such glitches are usually temporary,

it is best not to force “coming back on line.”

My advice? Don’t push the river when there is no water flowing in the riverbed. Be gentle with yourself. Breathe more and look up a lot to the sky—both literally and figuratively.

I truly wish all of you reading this the gift of grace and serendipity as we all sail upon the currently tempestuous sea of the Great Mystery. And may the new lands we find bring us all great happiness.”

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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