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They Want To Be Known!

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

The seas are alive with sentient beings!

After the last newsletter I sent out about the bass named Elvis and the goldfish rescue, more water beings are coming forward wanting us to know who they are: intelligent, thinking, sensitive beings, some of whom, it seems, want connection with humans.

What showed up this week is this sweet video about another diver... and an octopus.

And once again, it seems that it's time for us humans to alter the way we may think about creatures of the waters. And dive- literally or figuratively- into their world. Who they truly are may totally surprise us and burst open our preconceived ideas about them. For years

they have been trying to get our attention. Now, it seems that they are even more ready

to connect wth us and teach us, if we're open to learning.

Meet Eggbert. And watch the charming relationship he has with his human diver friend.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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