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  • Writer's pictureJoanna Beth Seere, Spiritual Healing

The One That We Are

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

So many important awarenesses have come to us during this challenging time in our lives.

Never before have we witnessed how deeply we are interconnected. How who we are, how we are, what we do impacts not only our personal lives but the lives of everyone we are in contact with. How every movement we make, large or small, impacts the whole.

What we are seeing is the outpicturing of deeper spiritual truth.

That WE- in the deepest part of ourselves as well as in our most ordinary aspects- are ONE.

One Human/Animal/Nature/Life/Planetary Beingness.

An ever-evolving and unique expression of the ONE Spirit/ONE Consciousness

that we all are.

Many of us naturally experience this Oneness with our animal family members. We deeply "get" that they are not just cats and dogs and birds and horses. That they are not just who they appear to be in hair, feathers or fur, with their species traits and tendencies. We sense/see/feel them as beings who possess a deeper nature. Souls on a journey in this life as we are. Spiritual beings who often possess a wisdom that is far greater than who they appear to be in their earth form.

Can we stretch big and wide and sense, feel, and "grok" that everything- all beings, all "things", all of life- is an expression of this Oneness, of the Great Mystery that is, and that is manifesting in myriad forms on our planet. And as that, every thing is Interconnected.

When a stone is tossed into a pond and creates ripples fanning outward, it is not just the water in the pond that is impacted. The energy of the ripples touches soil and rocks and grasses and all living beings/things in the pond and beyond. As interconnected molecules, atoms, frequencies of energy, we all impact each other and the whole with

every thought, feeling, and movement we make.

As we live in deeper awareness of our Interconnectedness- with our families, our friends, our animals family members and all animals, our communities, and our world- and as we choose our thoughts, behaviors and actions in alignment with this, all of our relationships and our entire world can and will change.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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