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The Moment We Know

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

Last time, what wanted to be shared was about when destinies change, our animal's and ours ( Sometimes we aren't fully aware of it in the moment, not until a

few more pieces light up for us and make it clear.

The final part of the journey to be expressed right now begins when I moved Peter out of the riding school and he was safely situated with my trainer Jennifer's horses in New Jersey.

I turned my schedule around. 7:30 a.m. 5-6 days a week would find me at Starbucks on Broadway at 75th Street picking up coffee and waiting for Jennifer to drive to NJ. We'd

spend the morning with the horses and be back in the City by early afternoon. I moved all

my healing clients to afternoons and evenings to accommodate. These were sweet days, caring for Peter with long grooming sessions and attending to his health and well being.

After a few weeks, Jennifer needed to move her horses to her vet's farm in Warwick. So,

of course, Peter and I tagged along and found a boarding facility nearby. These summer

days, I would spend hours hand grazing Peter on the stable lawns feeling the sweetness

and softness of the energy of this beautiful land called Warwick. In having time to simply

be a horse without any expectations on him- and be cared for and loved- Peter began to

relax, rest, and heal.

Even though Peter still needed much more rehabilitation, we began to network to see if Peter's right person might be discovered. A few inquiries came in. And then a woman

wanted to have a conversation with me about Peter. My heart ached deeply during that

call and I found myself feeling sick at the thought of him being with her- or with anyone else.

I hung up the phone and walked into my living room. As I crossed the threshold, I heard a voice. A strong clear voice. It said: "Peter is no one else's but yours. You must go be with him."

Brilliant light flooded the room and filled me. In that moment, that one moment,

everything became crystal clear. There it was. The unmistakable moment of knowing.

Within minutes I found myself on the phone telling friends and family that after 27 years

I was leaving Manhattan. In a couple of weeks, I had a car. A month later, I had moved into

a house in Warwick and had found a beautiful place to board Peter on the same street. This was the beginning of our lives together- and of the greatest healing of all.

I hope that this journey with Peter has opened in you a greater understanding of your

own journey with your animal beloved. Perhaps you are now more aware of the moment when your destinies changed; when you knew that your path was to be together; when your beloved claimed you as theirs. And that these striking moments in your lives together brilliantly illuminate for you the beauty and depth of the spiritual relationship you have

with each other.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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