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The Heart Of Healing

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

However long you and I have known each other, there may have been times you have wondered: what is spiritual healing... really?

Perhaps you've read what I have written about healing on my website. Maybe you and I have had conversation in which we opened into deeper understanding of healing. Or we have shared a healing space together with your animal family member.

And maybe, still, the question lingers: what is healing?

Healing emerges from Spirit/Consciousness/That Which Is Greater- the Source out of which everything we are aware of is created and from which everything manifests. The Source that is us- all living beings, all things, all planets, all galaxies- and that continually radiates in, through, and as us and all life.

Spirit- the dimension of Pure Awareness from which all and endless possibility emanates. In which there no imposition or limitation from the personal- from thoughts, feelings, beliefs, experiences. Where there is only the wide open embrace of What is Greater, what is beyond what we ordinarily experience in our lives.

The heart of healing rests in this limitless possibility.

So when you look to healing to support your animal family who is facing a challenge in life, know that what you are inviting into your lives is the possibility of all possibilities. Something that can go beyond actuarial tables and charts, beyond prognoses and predictions. An energy of enormous power and creativity that can bend and melt the seemingly fixed rules and laws in which we live on planet Earth.

Know that this is what you are inviting into your lives. The Unknowable and the Unknown, in which the unforeseen, unexpected, and unexplainable can appear. The territory in which what are called miracles can occur.

I invite you- to invite limitless possibility into the lives of your animal family members today, through spiritual healing. Endless possibility awaits you.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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