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The Great Wisdom

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

Just the other day, I was in my office and looked outside my window and noticed "something" moving ever so slightly in the grass, almost beneath the tree. As I watched closely, I saw a baby bird, his/her tiny little head poking up out of the grass. So small, s/he was hidden in the short grass.

My antenna went up, I could feel myself beginning to worry for this young one. I began watching intently to see if mama or papa bird knew that the little one was out of the nest and was attending to him/her. Soon, I saw a mama/papa robin gathering food on the lawn and feeding the little fledgling. As I witnessed this beautiful care, I could feel my heart lighten and energy shift from concern to joining in with mama/papa in a protective way, inviting beautiful layers of energetic support for this little one.

A little later, I happened to glance outside and I couldn't see the young bird. Then I heard the loud and desperate call of a robin standing right outside my window, looking toward the area where little one had been. This went on for more than 10 minutes as I too strained to find the fledgling. And, just as the robin stopped calling, and I stopped looking, little robin's head appeared, just in a different location than before. We were all relieved!

Throughout the day, I witnessed the journey of the robin parents and their young one. S/he remained silent in the grass, never calling for feeding, somehow understanding his/her vulnerability in being out of the nest. And, mama/papa always came to feed. Later in the afternoon, I saw the little fledgling stand up on his/her feet, looking so much bigger, gaining strength and balance. With more feedings, I noticed the little bird starting to clean under his/her wings, trying to stretch them out. The wings seemed mighty heavy at first and then gradually they became more mobile.

It was the end of the afternoon. I could feel my concern rising again as evening was approaching and the young one was still so exposed. What about predators in the night? What if the landscapers come in the morning and s/he is still on the lawn?

And then, what felt like a miracle happened. Dad/mom fed the baby and then began moving toward the wooded area. Little fledgling stood up on newly found legs and began hopping after him/her. Tiny hops at first, a few at a time. Right to the edge of the woods the little one went, where there would be protection for the night.

I found myself marveling at this enormous undertaking that mama/papa and little robin were engaged in- that I was privileged to witness. And bowing to the Great Wisdom- inherent in all living beings, in nature, in all life. The Great Wisdom that guides these birds through this perilous journey. Humbly recognizing that this Wisdom is so much greater and deeper than what we human beings can perceive. And, the wisest thing we can do is... to let go into It's unfolding nature. Trust in It, the guiding principle of life.

It makes me smile even today, feeling an ongoing connectedness with these beautiful bird beings. Feeling blessed that I was invited to be with them energetically in this part of their story. Grateful to witness the Great Wisdom unfolding- all in a perfect journey of robins- parents and fledgling- coming into the next moment of their lives.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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