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The Giving Over

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

On a very cold winter's morning, as I was sitting at my computer with the sun shining through the window, Jaya arrived. As is our tradition, I immediately invited him to come into my lap to enjoy the sun and a deep rest. A second later, I found myself saying "come into your lap/our lap".

I wondered why very unconsiously I made that adjustment. Was it possible that this quite automatic change was pointing to something else, something deeper perhaps?

What became clear was that this shift in languaging was reflecting something about the relationship so many of us have with our animal family members. The depth of intimacy we share. How, in love and care, we each give over to the other and to who we are together. We fall into a shared space of Oneness, the Oneness that we are.

This speaks to the kind of communion we often experience with our animal beloveds. A recognition that in the deepest part of who we are, we are of the same Essence... arising from the One Spirit, Consciousness, Unconditional Love.

Animals naturally embody this- the Unconditional Love that they are- and radiate it in their lives. Feeling that Love touches us, opens us, and awakens the same in us. As we give over to it, we become aware that we are truly, in the depth of our being, in Oneness with them and with What Is Greater.

We recognize that what we feel goes beyond a "you/me" relationship and even beyond an "ours". It is not my lap, or Jaya's lap to have, or even our lap, but actually "the lap" to which we give ourselves. The space in which we experience each other as Essence.

A precious gift bestowed upon us by our animal family members who, in simply being exactly who they are, manifest Spirit through their magnificent unique forms. Offering to us the blessing of remembering that this is who we are as well.

We are so fortunate.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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