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  • Writer's pictureJoanna Beth Seere, Spiritual Healing

The Exquisite Joy of Ladybug

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

When I was over at my dear friends' home for dinner last weekend, we noticed a ladybug on the counter. My friends then shared an amazing story- about how when they were cooking a few days earlier, a tiny piece of onion flew onto the counter. Shortly afterwards, they found a ladybug on the onion savoring it- until s/he ate it all! What a surprising story.

My friend was preparing pears and we decided to give a small pear offering to this ladybug. S/he immediately climbed on and began exploring the pear, finding the most luscious spot to settle and suck in the sweet juice and tender pear flesh. We became completely mesmerized, watching his/her every move. Noticing that sometimes s/he went eagerly about enjoying this delicious meal- and sometimes s/he appeared to be "sugar stoned", resting on the pear seemingly immobilized for a while. Throughout the evening- and with great excitement- we headed to the counter to observe little ladybug and every detail of the experience with pear.

Deep joy, love, and curiosity filled us in being connected with this tiny one, feeling as if we were part of this pear-ful journey ourselves. His/her every move touched us in a way that opened mind, heart, and soul into a wondrous land of shared experience. We were completely immersed in the moment, in ladybug life, lost in love and appreciation, as if we ourselves were on the pear with ladybug. A simple, yet profound, connection that expanded far beyond the apparent enjoyment of pear.

In the act of being her/himself, relishing in this delicious fruit, this little creature brought us into a transcendent experience of Greater Joyfulness and Oneness. The Oneness that we all are and that permeates us. In letting go fully into being with another...completely and without reservation...something Greater opens, something precious and amazing.

The next morning, my friends emailed about how ladybug devoured every bit of the pear down to the skin (!) -and then moved off to explore other parts of their home.

What a gift to have shared in these sacred moments of life with dear friends and this tiny one- in a seemingly tiny moment of life. And yet a moment so rich and big and full that it brought us into the experience of Oneness. All through the exquisite joy in being with ladybug.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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