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  • Writer's pictureJoanna Beth Seere, Spiritual Healing

Taking Us In

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

It may have become even more apparent these days than ever before how much we need our animal family members.

We've always known how deeply we love them. How special it is to be with them- to give them our time, our attention, our love, our care. We know how much our animals give to us. We feel their love and devotion. Their care and concern. But do we realize all the ways that they are giving to us all the time?

We rescue/adopt/acquire our animal family members and bring them into our homes and lives. We take them in. And, of course, they take us in. Take us in- not only into the experience of their lives, but into their hearts, into their souls, into the very Essence of their Being.

Whether it appears this way or not, our animals are taking us in all the time. Physically, through our body energy, body scent, physical touch, and movement. Mentally, through our spoken out loud thoughts and our inner thoughts. Emotionally, through our expressed emotions as well as the ones that remain internalized.

They are taking us in intuitively- their subtle senses tracking ours- feeling the movements of our subtle energy, paying exquisite attention to the journey our souls are on together.

Some animals more openly demonstrate this in our relationships. And, every animal is attuned to the more subtle levels of taking the other in, sensing who the other is beyond ordinary appearances. This is naturally who and how they are...and who and how we are.

Sometimes, we may be keenly aware of how our animals are taking us in. Other times, it can be surprising to feel the depth of this connection. In profound ways, they are supporting us in all of the moments of our lives. In our darker hours and in our light-filled ones. In our journey walking together in this earth life and in the evolutionary journey of our souls.

How fortunate we are to be in this kind of relationship with our animal family members!

The more we feel into how they are taking us in in all these ways, the more apparent it will become. And soon we will begin to feel how our animal family members are inviting us into this kind of relationship with them all the time. Then... we can simply... step in.

Our relationship will open in beautiful new ways.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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