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Surrendering Into What Is Needed

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

In our own lives with our human and animal family members, it is easy to notice the times we sit in strong determination around what we think, what we feel, what we want, and what we see as right. Determination to have it the way we see it.... and no other way.

And, we can see that in our animal family members as well, can't we. When s/he decides with absolute certainty that this is the way s/he wants it and will allow nothing else.

I witness this sometimes with my feline beloveds, Taj and Jaya, often in the most charming ways. Taj, a very loving and strongly determined being who "knows" (and so often is right), frequently insists on sitting in my lap when I am in healing session. Loving and lovely as that is, it is not always what I need- or what is needed- for deeper concentration and opening into greater connection with human and animal clients. Taj clearly sees this as suiting her needs- and being helpful and supportive to the unfolding healing. And she can be ferociously determined and unwilling to take gentle redirection.

Jaya is sweetly yet strongly insistent when he wants his head scratched- often for a very long period of time. Adorable and....of course, he wants that contact when I am heading into meditation or into a healing session. My encouraging another possibility does not seem to impress Jaya into embracing a different perspective.

And so, the question becomes: what invites surrender into what is truly needed, especially when the personal/individual self sees the situation differently. What invites all of us- human and animal- to let go of our personal attachment to what we want and open to what is needed for a greater good.

With Taj and Jaya, when I surrender into what is needed in that moment- in these instances, surrender into the deeper space of healing for my clients- when I surrender, something shifts. In the energy field, in me, and in them. Something opens that invites the personal to take a back seat to the greater healing movement that wants to emerge.

When I surrender into What is Greater, into the deeper need of the moment, Taj and Jaya seem to relax and release personal need and desire. They seem to find contentment in simply being in the healing field and supporting the healing .

When one surrenders into What is Greater, into what is needed at the deepest level, all can surrender.

Surrendering, letting go: such a simple yet profound act in which everyone and everything can shift.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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