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  • Writer's pictureJoanna Beth Seere, Spiritual Healing

Song Of The Soul

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

If we listen deeply to the subtle sounds of a being; if we open our inner eye to see the translucent color that emanates from each one; if we allow ourselves to stretch beyond our ordinary senses into the realms of Light and frequency that are the hallmark of each alive one: we will begin to hear/see/sense the Song of the Soul- the unique subtle qualities that are the very Essence of each and every living being, each and every alive thing.

With our animal family members, we seem to be invited into this kind of deeper connection simply by the way in which they are with us- open to reveal their subtle nature, their glorious inner currents.

Yes, we can become distracted by the absolute adorableness of a body, or the sweetness of a personality, or the sharpness of a keen intelligence.

And, if we allow ourselves to sit in stillness with our beloved, be open to what runs deeper, what is beyond these ordinary life appearances, we will be surprised. Our animals will invite us into this deeper way of sensing, of knowing her/him as all the subtle colors, sounds, energies that comprise who s/he truly is. It's as if our animals want us to go beyond appearances, as beautiful as they may be, and meet the Song of the Soul that s/he is singing, from the moment s/he joins life....and beyond....

While winter in some climes is continuing to invite us inward, this is a perfect time to be with our beloveds in this relaxed, spacious and open way. To let go of our usual way of looking, feeling and connecting and become available to what wants to emerge from the depth of this being. Ask your animal to take you in, to the magnificent inner space in which his/her song sings loudly and clearly.

Our animal family members, they will always surprise us...if we let them.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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