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Signs & Symbols

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

Just the other day, I heard a solitary bird singing what sounded like a spring/summer song. It was thrilling to hear this as I've not heard any birds sounds these winter months.

I found myself marveling at the beauty and energy

of this bird's voice. And I began to wonder: "Is this

a sign, a symbol of something more subtle, more profound, that this beautiful bird friend is announcing?"

With our animal family members, all animals...

and all living beings/life... there is another level at which things are occurring beyond and beneath what we are observing. A more subtle and primary energetic level. If we open and inquire into the energy of what lies underneath, we may understand/experience something

of deeper significance than what we are observing.

My beautiful beloved Jaya. An extraordinary being of great depth and complexity, always demonstrating what he is learning/knowing about life and choosing new ways of expressing who he truly is. Jaya has always had an aversion to having his photograph taken. He turns his head away, shifts his body, and sometimes grimaces a bit. He is extremely handsome- as you can see!- and it is challenging to get a photo of him that reflects that.

Some might interpret his behavior as feline willfulness or the finickyness of cats. And yet...

the question arises- is there something else, something deeper, going on in him that is reflected in this behavior?

One day, when Jaya was presenting his distaste for all things camera, I invited a communication. "What is this Jaya?" And this is what he let me sense and understand.

Somewhere in the energy of his soul lineage, there is a connection with Indigenous American culture. It might be what we call a past life or it is simply an energy that for some reason his soul resonates with. In some Indigenous American cultures, there is an ancient belief that as a camera takes a photograph of a person, it steals the soul. I was surprised to learn that a remnant of this energy resided in Jaya. Quite unconsciously he responds to this energy fragment and turns his face away from the camera.

And so now, when inspiration arises to take a photo, I not only ask Jaya's permission but

also remind him that the energy of this belief is a residue and is devoid of truth as we know things to be today. He can choose to respond to this energy or not. He seems much more agreeable to having his photo taken now... well, most of the time!

If we ask more subtle questions of our animal family members, we may be surprised to discover that seemingly ordinary behaviors/ways of being might be signs or symbols of something deeper inside that is waiting to be illuminated and understood.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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