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Side By Side

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

All of us in the Spirit to Spirit community, we call our animals our family members. Of course we do! And most people we know do as well. We call them our sweet boys and girls, our kids, our cuties, our handsome ones, and our beloveds. We call ourselves their moms and dads, their brothers and sisters. With our extended family, with their animal family members- they are our nieces and nephews.

We are family. All of us. When we bring an animal into our lives, s/he instantly becomes a member of the family. Over time, we become as intimate with him/her as with any human family member- often more so because we so easily experience Unconditional Love with our animals.

On the personal level, this is our relationship. We are family members.

What about on a deeper level, at the level of soul....who then is standing in front of us?

If we open ourselves into the deeper energy in which we are connected, human and animal, who then is our animal? Who are we to each other?

On this deeper level of connection, we may experience a very different kind of relationship, one that might surprise us.

The soul level: in which we are an energy form experiencing another energy form called our animal family member.

The soul level: in which we can experience the expansiveness of who we truly and the timeless nature of our energetic connection and relationship with our animal.

The soul level: where we may begin to sense/see/understand that we and our animal are not just family members to each other, but that we are soul brethren walking side by side here on earth. Fellow energetic travelers on this journey together in life. Guides for each other, expressions of Spirit supporting each other, in myriad differing forms. Side by side.

If we open to the soul level of connection that is always here- the connection that is our most essential relationship- we will get a glimpse of the deeper nature of our shared lives. We will experience the Essence of who our animals are and see, finally, that we are all souls walking together, side by side, sharing in this amazing journey called life.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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