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Rock Star Gijo!

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

You may remember Gijo's story from the December 2020 Healing Highlights or from last April's newsletter. Twice a year for the past 4 years, Gijo's extraordinary healing journey has been shared in the newsletters.

At almost 18 years of age, a super senior and a super guy, Gijo has been living well since being diagnosed with intestinal cancer four years ago.

Gijo receives individual healings and he is a daily regular in the Circles of Healing.

Although a few times over the years he has had moments of feeling less than perfect, he has never been hospitalized. He and Barbara have been enjoying these wonderful "gifted" years together in their lovely near the ocean home.

Barbara writes:

"Four years ago Gijo, my sweet boy cat, was diagnosed with Intestinal Cancer along with his brother Mojo. They were 13 years old and had a good life. Along with the vet, I decided to only do palliative care for them.

That palliative care included a steroid that is rubbed twice daily into their ears, a probiotic, and special food to help them process their food. After a few months we added healing and that has made all the difference.

Gijo had a habit of jumping from the toilet to a ceramic stool to the pedestal sink to drink from the faucet. A month ago, he suddenly stopped doing that and moved to the master bath that has an easy counter jump from the top of the toilet. I mentioned it to Joanna and she’s been working on it. Last week suddenly he started vaulting up to the pedestal sink again. Now I don’t really care where he drinks. I think this was his way of telling me that he is not declining.

Joanna has been a godsend. I see a real difference in Gijo when he has a healing and from what she tells me he loves to teach other animals how to receive. He has always been a wise and genuine soul and was always gracious when Mojo wanted to be center stage. He is now doing that with his healing partners.

He is a perfect partner for this time period and I am so blessed to have him still with me. We all live on borrowed time. Four years ago I thought I would only have him with me for four months – blessed indeed!"

Celebrate well Gijo and Barbara! Gijo, you are indeed a healing rock star!

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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