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Remembering Reawakening Evolving

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

Green, green, green...and splashes of pure pastel. What a fabulous time of year here in the Northeast. We're a little late on April rain and are now just catching up. The fullness of spring is about to explode! We can feel it.

It seems like the emergence of spring touches a deep human longing- to see, feel, touch the absolute perfection of the Divine, in life, as demonstrated in nature herself becoming her most glorious self.

As I was pondering sending out this announcement of the Circles of Healing, a thought floated through my mind, something that felt important to explore, to share here.

Here is a question: "What are we looking for when we ask for healing for our animal family member? What is healing, actually?"

When a person asks for healing for his/her animal family member, it is a request for change. For something to change, to transform. A change in health condition, a change in behavior, a change in how the animal feels emotionally and responds to others. We think of this "change" as a letting go of the past, a shifting into a new and different way of thinking, feeling being. Internally and externally.

What is fascinating about spiritual healing is that healing is, in its greatest potentiality, both a remembering- a reawakening of the most essential nature that is who the animal is and always has been. And an evolving- an opening into what wants to emerge as the next "incarnation" of the animal's life.

These may sounds like oppositional statements. How can we- or animals- embrace who we truly are, live as our most Essential Self, and yet emerge into a new and next evolution of ourselves simultaneously?

This is not something that our minds can figure out. Yet, it is something that the deepest parts of us understands. And, animals "know" this too. We can observe this in how they respond to healing.

This is the true nature of healing: these two seemingly opposite openings are actually "the one awakening" that is healing.

Your animal family members have the precious opportunity to experience this in the Circles of Healing: the possibility of this kind of opening into who they truly are and the transformation into who they are becoming...all at once.

Michelle speaks to this kind of transformation n Oreo, her beloved pup, who is facing into some health challenges while recently having lost his precious sibling. Oreo is a new and now regular Circle member:

"Oreo is doing really well. His ears and eyes are healthy. He is not crying for food all the time. He sleeps a lot yet his activity is spirited when he's awake; curious on walks, and interested in play. I feel that he's very balanced and filling his place as first and only (dog) now. It warms my heart to see him doing so well. I also meant to tell you that I had his thyroid level checked and he is now in the normal range! Thank you!"

Beautiful Michelle. And, looking to Oreo to see how he will embrace healing for his continuing remembering, reawakening, and evolving.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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