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Reaching Out & Connecting

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

The opening piece of the last newsletter was focused on "Listening to What is Deeper." Several days after it went out, I received a wonderful email from Mary from Waimea, Hawaii. I wanted to share this with you, it is very sweet and caring- how Mary took what opened for her in reading the piece and brought it to her relationship with a feral cat she has named Survie.

Here's what Mary shared:

"Dear Joanna,

Your advice in this newsletter, describing how to connect with animals "telepathically", inspired me to reach out to the sweet orange feral cat I have been feeding since last July. I was told that "Survie" (for survivor) had been abandoned by three separate families. Eventually, he moved under my house. He was starving, bones were visible, emaciated. I combined wet and dry food together into little mounds because he seemed to have poor teeth and mouth issues.

He suddenly disappeared these last four days. I started to worry that he was sick and not eating or possibly injured in some way. So, this morning, I sat down and sent him a mental message explaining that I really missed him and was concerned that he was all right. I asked him to let me know somehow that he was fed and happy and basically okay.

Well, tonight at sunset he showed up on my lanai, making himself visible as he always did at feeding time. He seemed to be embarrassed actually for disappearing on me. I put out his food and he made no move toward it. I moved away from the lanai door as I usually did so he would eat in peace. When I came back, the food was untouched and he had left.

He had come to show me that he was well fed , relaxed and healthy and I could stop worrying. I sent him another message thanking him for coming by and that I was glad to see him doing so well.

Very special moments. Thanks for your wonderful work with people and their animal friends. It is very comforting to me to know Survie can receive my mental messages and that he is close by."

Beautiful Mary. Feeling the lovely new opening between you and Survie. May that continue to unfold and expand in the days and weeks to come.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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