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Pureness Of Being

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

Could it be any more lush here in New York state?! What a spring! My being is overflowing with the beauty and fullness of the season.

I've been blessed this year with a special window into the bird world. For the first time, a pair of robins built a nest at eye level in a tall bush out under my deck.

At a respectful yet intimate distance, I can peak in very quietly and see mama (and daddy?) and babies. Breathtaking! What has surprised me is that mama has nested three times this spring. First, there was one blue egg. Then two. Then one again. I've been privileged to see the faces of the babies up close and look into their eye and feel their innocence (mommy and daddy seem to approve my presence). This most pure expression of Spirit, of robin energy in our world. Each time, I feel as if I am looking into the eyes of the Divine.

Pureness of Being- like the new one to life on earth, one who is radiating Spirit in form- this is what opens in our animal beloveds as they receive healing. It's as if the "overcoats" that can accumulate from the challenges and adaptations made in living life become released and the original Light of Being can shine through fully, unfiltered. We all are this Pureness of Being, this Essence. Animals and humans alike. And, as we open in healing, our Original Essential Nature seems to have its eye back, our most authentic expression has its voice back, our deepest Love is a fully flowing expression in our world.

Have you seem that in your animal family members after they receive healings in the Circle of Healing? The radiant joy and deep peace in their faces; the ease of being in body, in life; the direct and pure expression of Love coming through them.

This is the blessing of healing. Our animal family members become again who they always are have been and always are: the pure expression of Essence. Circle healings will support your animal family members in opening into just that in themselves. Nothing could be more beautiful.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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