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Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

In our relationships with our human family members, we mostly assume that we have permission to connect as we like- unless there are unusual circumstances. And, we often do the same with our animal family members because we have agreed to be family.We could say that we are all living together in a certain kind of unspoken permission.

If we have brought a rescued animal into our family, and especially one who has endured stress or trauma, we instinctively know to go more slowly and carefully, approach with softer energy and watch for signals of permission before we make any kind of contact.

In being with an animal in deeper communication and spiritual healing, permission is always the very first step. Telepathic permission. It is essential- and an ethical responsibility- to make sure that permission has been given in order to engage in a communication- on the ordinary level of connection (personality energy) and when we enter into deeper dialogue (soul energy level). And when connection opens into the profound depth from which spiritual healing arises, it is especially important to have permission to be together in healing.

That means- it is the communicator/healer's job to be exquisitely sensitive to the subtle ways in which an animal does or does not give permission. Especially in a new connection with an animal. Honoring the animal's decision about permission and boundaries is one of the most important aspects of the healing relationship.

Permission also means that each animal can choose to accept as much or as little communication or healing as s/he wants. Trusting that the animal knows, in her/his deeper nature, what is right for him/her and what s/he needs to open to or embrace for the highest good and greatest healing. Some animals are wide open and cannot wait to "drink it all in". Some animals want to go slowly, feeling into what communication/healing is like before allowing deeper connection.

And if an animal is at very significant healing moment, perhaps on the cusp of transition from life...permission means that s/he can choose how to accept healing. To take in what is offered either to continue in life or make his/her passage from life. Healer and animal sit in wide open permission together and allow space for whatever needs to unfold. In this, the animal is deeply honored.

Letting go into absolute permission is what opens the relationship between humans and animals in most profound ways. It creates a beautiful space of acceptance of other, respect for other, honor of other.

When we can sit in wide-open willingness/permission and let the other show us the way into deeper relationship, joyfully surprising connections can occur.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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