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Partners In Work

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

If you work from home, as so many

of us do these days, you may have discovered that your animal family members have assigned themselves

jobs that support you in your work.

Maybe it's simply being present in your work area and providing a peaceful and soothing energy to your office space. Perhaps it's sitting on your desk or table- on your papers or laptop!- or by your feet- to remind you that love is present while at work. Or maybe it's an active role supporting you and your clients. Just like my feline beloveds Samantha and Max, my cherished family members and work partners, who chose to offer their healing gifts along with me in the very early days of my healing practice.

Animals have an intuitive sense, a deeper knowing of the true nature of our relationships and some choose to partner with us not only in life but in work as well. Although we can invite their support, ultimately animals make their own choices about a collaboration with us as it needs to resonate with who they are. It's fascinating to see what they choose.

Here is a piece I wrote for my website about my amazing healing beloveds

Samantha and Max.

Samantha and Max were sensitive, intelligent, wise, compassionate beings. And I adored them.

Sam was a gorgeous black cat with a shiny satin coat and crystal green eyes. A wise and masterful healer in her own right, she touched your soul by simply gazing into your eyes. Max was a big, handsome, gray Maine Coon mix with a long, silky coat and a very big voice. An empathic being who made deep emotional connections with others.

Max chose the role of the "greeter" and caretaker of clients. Meeting them at the door, he would vocalize his welcome as each client arrived. He would escort the person into the healing room, making sure they got settled. Then he would leave the room so that Samantha could do her work. If the client spoke loudly or expressed emotions, Max would come racing in, talking to them all the way, and making sure that they were okay.

Sammy was "first healer" of the house. When my (human) healing client came into the healing space, she would check them out, giving them a "cat scan" to gain understanding

of how/where the person needed healing. As soon as they were settled on the healing table, Sam would jump up (with the person's permission, of course) and lay down on the exact spot where their body needed healing most. Sam would go into a deep meditative healing state, her belly directly on them and eyes closed down to slits, purring wildly. When she felt that the healing was complete, usually in about 10 minutes, without any fanfare, she would get up and leave the room. Clients were astonished at how much better they felt after Samantha blessed them with her healing gifts.

When the session was over, Max would re-enter the healing space and with great loving care, he would escort the person to the door, wishing them well as they departed.

I couldn't have chosen better healing partners and family members and it moves me deeply that Samantha and Max decided on their own where their gifts would shine most in our healing journey together. They understood the purpose in our being together, personally

and in our service to others.

Our love and devotion to each other were beyond words could ever express. And our partnership in healing was extraordinary. I am honored that they chose me as their

family and chose to partner with me in helping others through healing.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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