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Our Surrender

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

A dear friend and I were having a lovely long conversation about her new young feline family member who joined the family 5 months ago. The conversation meandered from ordinary day to day life to an exploration about what it is to be in deeper relationship with a feline… and any animal family member.

To be in deeper relationship with a cat or another living being- humans too- requires a surrender on our part. Surrender meaning relaxing into openness and availability.

Letting go of preconceived ideas and assumptions about who this cat is. Cleansing the

lens through which we see them- of all our desires, hopes, and dreams. Releasing ideas of who we want them to be- perhaps a cat who always chooses our lap or sleeps by our head. Surrendering into the "not knowing", being open to who they are in all of their complexity.

Of course, certain species of animal family members need guidance, or what we often

refer to as “training”, for our day to day relationship to be well balanced. And, our

connection can awaken into even greater depth as we surrender our expectations

and open to the recognition that we are souls traveling together on this life path.

Our relationship can blossom in a way that we cannot even imagine.

As we are in surrendering... who can our animals become when there is no overlay on them? What if they are free to explore their own True Nature, discover who they truly are and how they see themselves in their lives. Who will they evolve into and how will they choose to meet us and engage with us?

And what if we trust them/us- and soften into Greater Trust- knowing that our relationship will unfold in the exact right way and in exact right timing. As we are surrendered- open and available- to them, it can and it will.

Then, our animal beloveds can become the most glorious expression of themselves and

our lives together can be one of greatest fulfillment- of unabashed joy, freedom, and love.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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