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Our Shared Experience

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

I was speaking with a friend recently. She was sharing about her new animal family member, a sweet cat who was hiding under the chair as we were talking.

Just a week with her, Suzie was a rescue

who had had multiple prior families, the

last family she had been with for four years.

She mentioned that when she first saw Suzie, she recognized that the sadness that she felt from her was not just this kitty's sadness but her own unclaimed sadness as well and that she knew that she needed to give this being a home.

I was touched by my friend's depth of recognition. Suzie's sadness is not just about Suzie. Of course, on a personal level, Suzie had experienced life in was that caused her to feel deep sadness. And, in my friend's awareness of how Suzie's emotions mirrored her own, a deeper connection could begin to awaken in their relationship. between them could open. And, the healings that wanted to take place for both of them- made known through their coming together and forming a bond of emotion- could begin to unfold as sadness was recognized as personal for both of them as well as a part of the greater experience of life in a body.

We, animals and humans, are all part of the same one energetic movement we call life. And as we recognize this one movement (Spirit) in everyone and everything, we can begin to know that everything we experience in life is in some way a shared experience.

We can come to see how we are all part of the great web of life. And how all of our healings are interconnected. In this, our understanding of who we are and who animals are will be forever changed.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna



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